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I got it to the goal


I wish it was free

So do I

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So....why do steam buyers all ways get  fucked on I bought the game on Steam. I buy the game on Steam and then an  Android version comes out for free or paid. Gets oul. I bought Dark Fantasy Puzzle and had  to buy it again on Google Play. Faere Acadamy has an itch and Anddroid version and you can not redeam your steam version. I bought  both Coromon, Nexomon on Steam and you do not get the Android Versions? What the fuck. My PC is weaker then my Android phone.

Why  can the steam  buyers not get the android version with there purchase like the itch,io version? Itch,io does not sell cards at Wallgreens like  Steam does. There is no way to not use creddit cards. What the fuck.


Fun VN. In desperate need of volume sliders however. The music frequently overpowers the dialogue.

Could use more length, choices, etc. But I suppose it is what it is.


Could someone show me a picture of this music volume thing in the options Androidversion cuz I can't find it anywhere I can't find the controls for any of the sound might just be my copy of my device I don't know


Be warned: This game is extremely short. If you don't care for the dialog, it will be over in 15min

Is there any more nsfw images/slides beside the 7 h-scenes? Or are those 7 the only nsfw scenes? Game looks really good!


Is anyone here on this message board the music is really really loud if anyone knows how to lower it that be lovely I can't play it cuz the music is so loud

There's a music volume in the options

Is anyone who buys this game to Toby how to load music that beloved please I don't think they're coming back I think the page is dead


Does anyone here know how to lower the music because it is so loud that I can't hear anything the characters are saying I don't know if it's cuz I'm using the Android version or not but if anybody could help me that would be so appreciated

Hey is there any way to lower the music it's very loud and interrupting your characters from speaking

Keep up the awesome work I love the game

Is there any chance this game is gonna be f2p? 

Any word on the android fix?

check the devlog. It should be up and running. 


So I want to say I was pretty disappointed in my purchase.  I was really looking forward to this game, followed updates for months after playing the demo, and really loved the art style.

But after dropping money on a game, only to have it over and done in less than half an hour, was really disappointing.  I really did not expect it to be so short for a premium VN game.  

Is there a demo version for the andoid or just mac and windows?

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Is there any way to get a steam key? The game is region locked in my country


So... will we get refunded the difference since you dropped the price?


Realy Karen?

Yeah, just days after I bought it, the price was lowered by almost half. Oh well. 


I've read all of your comments. Just got the Android build fixed with our programmer. Will make a post shortly. Thank you all for your patience. <3

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For those looking to buy the android version don't.

Why is the Android file not work?

Can't seem to download the game on Android


Having issues getting this to launch on android, it flashes with a downloading screen then minimizes itself.


Installed on android, instantly crashes, can't even get it top open to the menu or even to a black screen.


added note, instantly crashes on my pc as well


How are we supposed to run this on android?


How do we install this on Android? Everytime i install and try to run it it says it encountered a bug and cant be ran.


Hi, this looks great but I cant seem to find it on steam? Even when i click the link. Any help??


The perverts at Steam spent too much time jerking off to my game instead of making sure the sex scenes were all good. Now we gotta wait another week or so. Can't say for sure when it'll be out, but it WILL be out. Thank you so, so much for your interest and patience. 

Okie dokie thanks for the info!!

Hey is there any way to lower the music in your game it's very loud and interrupting your characters from speaking I could barely hear everybody I'm working off Android if that makes a difference to the volume of the music or anything just curious if there was a way to lower it

Demo is kind of short...I am glad you got the game finished.

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very excessive price

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You really spend more on VA,artists and musicians than your game instead,ain’t you?

what a waste..


Hi creator would the number of words increase or stay at 6k+? Any starting price for the game yet?

Hello! I'm planning to increase it slightly, but it will stay in the upper 6k range. The estimated price is $19.99 for the full release.  


Do you have plans to bring it to mobile?

I’ve been planning to make an Android build for DRU. Hopefully getting in Google Play. I’ll make another update once we get it made. 

But you would have to censor it then for Google Play.


Duly noted. If that were the case, it would just be Suzy making the game and meeting Lina and the game would only be like 10 minutes.

But I'll see what I can do. 

you can just sell the game on  Nutaku  or  erogegames  or f or the  android uncensored build. 

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I’ll keep you updated👌


same here please!! <3 love seeing more transgirl representation, in one way or another, if mostly just for myself hehe

There are plenty of games with  Futa's if your  active  in the  community. Currently playing  Futa  Dom World right now.


As much as I like the themes involved, I'm afraid you lost me at "kinetic". If I wanted to look at lewd pics, I could do that within seconds on the most perverted site of my choice. I play VNs for the opportunity to have some agency (even if illusory since it's a given which way I want to steer things) over what happens. Unfortunately, for me, this is NOT the way...


wow I was gonna say pretty much the same thing. if i wanted to read a story, id just read a story. 

ps this art is pretty good tho

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same... the demo intrigued me tho so i'll prob still buy it if it's worth the price. even if there are no choices the story may very well be good 


How do I run this on Linux?


When you open the game's ZIP folder, there should be an application that you can open called "DemonsRiseUpDEMO" that will allow you to run the game. Please message me back or email me at if you don't see it and I can send a new copy. Thanks!


Everything is there (probably?) but since I don't know much know much about Linux  I don't know how to run it


Understood. There should be a file called “DemonsRiseUpDEMO” or “Game” that will allow you to play it. 


I got into the DemonRiseUpDemo file and found a game file but I don't know how to what to press to play the game. Do I have to use the terminal? Also sorry i'm bothering you so much.


Oh no, you're good! I don't think you have to use the terminal, but when you get to the main menu, all you need to do is press the "New Game" button and it'll take you to the beginning of the game. Don't hesitate to ask me any other questions if you have any.

Stay safe!

just  install the client and then select the option  with  .sh at the  end.

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Hello. Already solved the issue? If not, try this (instructions based in Ubuntu 20.04):

- Download the game

- Unpack it anywhere you want

- Go to /[where you unpacked the game]/DemonsRiseUpDEMO-pc/

- Right click the file ""

This is the file:

- Select "Properties"

- Go to the second tab of the window that just opened ("Permissões" in Portuguese, probably "Permissions" in English)

- Make sure the box that says something like "allow this file to be executed as a program" is ticked. If it's not, just tick it and close the window

The box I mentioned above is the one with a purple tick and right above the "desconhecido" word in this image (if it's not ticked, it'll be an empty box):

Sorry for the properties box being  in Portuguese, but at least the layout should be the same so that you can follow

- Back in the folder of the file "", deselect anything that's selected, right click in any empty area of the folder and select "open in terminal"

- In the terminal window, type the command ./ and press enter

Like this (I censored my username, btw):

- The game should open right after you run this command

Hopefully this helps you and anyone else that's having issues


thank you so, so much for this! 


Is this a FutaxFemale title? Because if so, we've been needing more of them as of late.


It is! There’s Futa X Female and Futa x Futa involved. 

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